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(In Florida, half of all ballots in 2012 were case before Election Day.) North Carolinas state legislators attempted to quash early Sunday voting this year but were blocked by a federal court. Domingos de Accionis a call to action for members of the Latino faith community toeducate, register, andmobilizevoters everySundayleading up to Election Day, Lorella Praeli,the Clinton campaigns Latino Vote Director, said in a statement. The program seizes on the unique opportunitySundaysprovide for faith leaders to come together and educate the faith community about the stakes in this electionandthe importance of voting, she added. This Sunday in Iowa, Clinton campaign representatives will address three Latino church congregations about in-person early voting, which begins next week in the swing state. In Florida, the campaign will hold Sundays of Action at about 15 Latino churches every week, registering voters until the Oct. 11 deadline and then raising awareness about early voting, which starts in late October. In some churches, faith leaders will organize carpools to take parishioners to the polls. Latinos, who back Clinton over Trump by a 50-point margin nationally , vote at significantly lower rates than white and black voters. Targeting them at their churches could lift participation and help Clinton win.