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PUBG adds Desperado and Biker clothing sets A new patch is available to try out on the PlayerUnknown's Battlegrounds test server, and it includes some new cosmetic items available via microtransactions. Two new sets, Desperado and Biker, are available to earn through new types of loot boxes. The crates can be opened with an "Early Bird key" which is purchasable through the Steam Marketplace. To test stability, players on the test server will be given 100,000 Battle Points and six keys. Once the test server patch is stable enough, it will go live and players will be able to spend real money on keys to unlock the new clothing items. The Desperado loadout is especially cool, featuring a leather hoodie, spiked knuckle gloves, and baggy pants. The Biker set has sleeveless biker jackets and cloth masks. Both sets from different boxes have a variety of different items to earn. The new update also featured a number of changes to the game, both in the front and back end.

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Mom and son lighting up the fashion world

But injuries forced her to give up the sport three years ago and she went looking for a more sedentary hobby. She found it when she signed up for a fashion design class at San Diego Mesa College in spring 2016. One of her first fashion ideas was Starlight , a hand-dyed blue silk dress with a mesh liner interwoven with 700 strands of illuminated superfine filament. There was just one problem. She had no idea how to work with fiber optics, electronic circuits or computer code. So she asked Devon — who lives in the UTC area with his girlfriend Enjoli Gomez — to teach her about lights, soldering and building circuits. After she finished weaving the fiber liner for Starlight, he built the computerized controller and wrote the code that creates subtly moving waves of white light. This sounds easier than it is. The reason illuminated clothes aren’t on every store shelf is the danger factor. A miswired circuit could mean a very real risk of fire.

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